Dawn of A New Century
Once upon a time... 
A father was sitting on his couch reading a newspaper as his son attempted to get his attention to play. Annoyed, the father took a page from the newspaper, on which was a large map of the world, tore it into pieces and gave it to his son telling him to tape it back together again.​​​​​​

In very short order the boy was tugging at his father's leg and holding up the paper with the map of the world correctly taped and put back together. Surprised the father asked him how he was able to put it back together so quickly. The young boy innocently replied, "There was a picture of a man on the other side. When I fixed the man I fixed the world."

Our lives, our relationships, our marriages, our organizations, our governments, and our society as a whole are beset by numerous challenges.

Social/Personal Challenges:

  • Rising Suicide Rates
  • Persistent Poverty and Gross Inequality
  • Environmental Degradation and Existential Climate Crises
  • Dissatisfied and Unfulfilling Relationships and Marriages
  • Feelings of Hopelessness
  • Violence Against Women and Children
  • Increase Alcohol and Drug Use and Abuse

The Problem:

  • Inability to Cope with Life-altering Events
  • Lack of Meaning, Purpose and Fufillment
  • Lack of Personal Agency and Knowledge

The Solution: The 4 Principles of Dharma

  • Self-mastery
  • Purity of Motive
  • Compassion
  • Integrity

The Outcome:

Individuals who have a deep sense of purpose, personal satisfaction and agency are able to create and sustain relationships, families, organizations, and even societies that are vibrant, uplifting, and empowering to all. 

This is the promise, power and purpose of Dharma. ​

Dharma Upadesh - Teachings in Dharma
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Each day Maha Visnu teaches from his book Dharma Upadesh. These FREE 5-10minute recordings give detailed explanations on the principles of Dharma and how to incorporate those 4 principles into our lives. ​​​

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MVI Quality of Life Questionnaire Pt.1
Rate each question from 1 (no/poor) to 10 (yes/excellent). 

  • Is your life today the life you want?

  • Rate you relationship with your spouse/partner (or if you are not coupled, how your current relationship status is affecting your life). 

  • Rate your relationship with your child(ren) (or an important friend or relative if you do not have children).

  • Identify your gifts, talents and strengths. Does your current life allow and empower you to use and express those gifts, talents and strengths?

  • Identify an important but broken, painful or negative realtionship of yours. Rate your desire to improve that relationship. 

  • Identify the most powerful behavioral or psychological habit or pattern of yours that you feel holds you back from your best self or creating your best life. Rate your desire to change or overcome that habit or pattern. 

Add your ratings, divide by 6.

1-4     Drastic transformation needed
5-7     Facing in the right direction, now let's get going
8-10   Well done! Now inspire others

MVI Dharmatma Questionnaire Pt.2
Rate each question from 1 (no/poor) to 10 (yes/excellent). ​

  • Are your eating habits conducive to you maintaining optimum physical health and psychological well-being?

  • Are your sleeping habits conducive to you maintaining optimum physical health and psychological well-being?

  • Are your leisure activities/habits beneficial to you and all others involved/affected?

  • Is your work/career conducive to your personal growth, development and well-being and the well-being of all others involved/affected?

  • Would you consider your motives to be honest and devoid of deceit, manipulation, and ego-centricity?

  • When frustrated, resentful or angry are you able to honestly and effectively deal with and express your own emotions?

  • Are your communication patterns and habits uplifting, honest, and empowering?

  • When you speak about others in their absense do you always do so with integrity and fairness?

  • If every aspect of your personal and private life for the last week was revealed publicly would you be proud of yourself?

Add your ratings, divide by 9.

1-4     Drastic transformation needed
5-7     Facing in the right direction, now let's get going
8-10   Well done! Now inspire others

Dharmatma Life Coaching
Take Control of Your Life


The purpose of Dharmatma Coaching is to empower and support the Dharmatma in raising their personal Quality of Life scores. Becoming Dharmatma, incorporating the 4 principles of Dharma in one's life, enables one to create and sustain a life of great personal meaning, fulfillment, and happiness.

Such Dharmatmas have the ability to not only transform and uplift their own lives and relationships but have an incredibly uplifting and positive effect an entire organizations, institutions, and societies. 


  • Daily (weekdays)


  • Wherever you are (via smartphone messaging)


  • 1 Month (30 minutes a day)


  • Committment
  • Perserverance
  • Diligence
  • Pen and paper


  • $500 (in four installments of $125)

  • Dharmatma Life Coaching is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

  • Dharmatma Life Coaching is NOT a substitute for professional counseling.

Detailed Description of Challenges