Live with honor, confront with maturity, achieve self-mastery, and conquer with love.
Maha Visnu Andre Gray was born in Chicago in 1973. He lived and grew up in India from the age of 11 where he attended traditional Vedic Gurukula boarding schools and educational institutions for the following 15 years. In addition to secular studies he learned to read and write Sanskrit, became fluent in the local language and completed in-depth studies and courses in Dharma and Vedic philosophy.

After rigorous study and training he was ordained as a Vaisnava Hindu priest in the Brahma-madhva-gaudiya Sampradaya. Of the four Vaisnava Sampradayas (philosophical disciplines) this Sampradaya includes illustrious personalities as Veda Vyasa (circa 3000BC), the sage credited with compiling the voluminous Vedic texts; Madhvacarya (1238-1317) who isfamous for his refutation of Shankaracarya's Advaitavada philosophy; and A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami (1896-1977) founder of ISKCON and prodigious author.

Upon completion of his studies Maha Visnu was the title Maha-shayi (Teacher of Vedic Philosophy and Dharma) and began teaching in the same school in which he was raised. His unique and visionary leadership saw him rise quickly from Philosophy teacher to Interim Principal of the school, and soon thereafter as the first Director of the Mayapura Varnasrama Academy.

After nearly than ten years teaching the philosophy and principles of Vedanta and Dharma to children and adults alike, and successfully running educational programs in india, Maha Visnu moved to Scandinavia in 1999. Once again his unique leadership abilities and vision, resulting from his extensive training in Vedanta and Dharma, was immediately recognized. He not only worked a Asst. Production Manager for a health supplements company but was also selected to serve on ISKCON's Scandinavian Regional Council.

Returning to the United States in 2002 Maha Visnu would go on to successfully serve the oldest Hindu temple in Massachusetts as Vice President and President. Having retired from and completing his services to ISKCON in 2015 Maha Visnu opened the Sri Radha Krishna Mandir in Everett, which he later relocated to Worcester and finally Northboro, Ma. An author, lecturer, father of two, and husband, Maha Visnu was elected to and now serves as Co-chair of the GR Party of Massachusetts.

Maha Visnu has dedicated his life to uplifting, empowering, transforming and bringing out the best in people and organizations. His unique and visionary leadership style and abilities, based on the principles of Dharma, are precisely what is needed for the unique and extraordinary challenges of the 21st century. ​​